Dear Directioners, this isn’t one of those we will be a family forever or we are the best fandom. This is about a project I started called the #CarrotProject. If you don’t know what it is please visit My goal for this project is to help people and sometimes the people who need help the most just want to know the boys love them. I have had many people come to the project asking if the boys knew about it because if they did that would mean they knew about the people who are part of the project. When I went to see One Direction at a local radio station I threw a stuffed carrot with the #CarrotProject’s information on it and one of the boys picked it up. At my next concert the back of my poster will say #CarrotProject. I’m trying everything I can because I want the boys to notice the people on the project. I want you all to know that the boys love you and that whatever you are going through they want you to get better. This is why I want #CarrotProject to trend. I want it to trend so the boys will see all the people who just want to be noticed. I want them to see all the people who cry themselves at night because they won’t get to see 1D live. I want the boys to know about it so that others will know about it and we could help more people. So please take a moment of your time and help me trend #CarrotProject. Maybe, just maybe if it trends the boys will know about it and the people who want to get noticed will be noticed.
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